Holiday Gift Coupon Booklet from Kids to Families

Download and print these FOSI gift coupons for a quick and easy present this holiday season. Perfect for parents, grandparents, and siblings, the coupon booklet promotes tech education as well as quality time together- all while using technology!

Kids - are you still struggling to find a special, handmade present for a loved one this holiday season or know a secret that someone close to you is receiving a new tech device soon? Or if you are a parent who likes to have their kids help the grandparents with tech issues, the Family Online Safety Institute is here to help with a new holiday gift coupon booklet. If you’re a tech savvy kid and can teach others about technology or have a passion to show others what you like about the web, consider creating a coupon booklet as a present.

Constructing a coupon book is simple. All you have to do is download and print the gift coupons, cut around the hash marks, pick and choose which individual coupons will go in the book, staple the left hand margin, and give the gift to your loved one.

Then, the receiver of the booklet can redeem the coupon to you, specifying a date or time they want to do the listed activity. When redeemed, these coupons will allow quality time together all while supporting the recipient’s technology education or encouraging tech time together.

The coupons are largely based in three categories: tech device set up, tech show and tell, and tech-free time. Recipients can learn more about their new tablet, computer, video game system, phone, or wearable device. Or, recipients could gain new appreciation of the web by learning the cool sites you like, the latest viral videos on YouTube, how to send and receive Snapchats, how to play your favorite video game, and how to stay in touch with family through video chat. However, with all the tech appreciation, there are still opportunities for tech-free time. These coupons offer a break from tech for two hours, one evening, one morning, or one day. Your parents will be delighted to get a breather from monitoring your screen time!

Just know your thoughtful present will hopefully alleviate some stress felt by other family members who are learning new technology by having you walk them through the steps. Plus, the coupons are an excellent opportunity to show mom and dad how you spend your screen time by helping them stay up to date with the latest tech trends, viral videos, and cool things about the web. Oh, and FOSI’s gift coupons are also perfect for grandparents, siblings, and other family members- not just your parents!