Matching Memory Game About Earning a Good Digital Footprint

In today's connected world, it's important that children know how to be safe and responsible online. A matching memory game can be a fun and easy way to get that conversation going by creating a game night dedicated to learning about online safety.

To help you teach them the basics, GDP has created a matching memory game with tips on building a good digital footprint. These ten pairs provide a conversation starter that you can have as a family. Talk to your children about why each concept is important and if you need help, check out the corresponding reference guide.

To get started, download the game and print the pages double sided if you can. Simply cut around the marks on the grid to create cards. If printing single sided, cut around the edges and glue a concept card to a title card to create the same effect. Next, round up your family, make some snacks, and have a fun game night about online safety. Start the lifelong conversation to becoming a better digital role model today and use this game as a teachable moment!