How to Incorporate Tech into Summer Fun

July 20, 2015

This summer do you feel like there is a tug-o-war going on in your household over spending time outside vs. spending time in front of a screen? Or maybe the appeal of going to the pool is starting to wear off and you find your kids reverting to online games. Instead of continuing the struggle why not embrace technology and find ways to incorporate it into other activities.

I am a huge advocate for taking some time to regularly unplug but, I also believe one of the greatest advancements in technology is that we are no longer tied down to a chair in front of a huge monitor when we want to use online resources. We can take the internet with us, allowing us to use technology more freely and enhancing different experiences.

Ideas for Including Tech in Summer Fun

Not all time spent using technology is wasted and incorporating it into summer activities provides kids with the opportunity to improve their digital skills and practice applying them. If you need some help getting started, below are a few ideas that can get your kids exploring and learning while using their devices.

Camp Google- This is a free interactive camp that takes place online. Geared toward kids ages 7-10, programs are led by experts and center around adventures and interactive science activities. If you miss a week, no big deal, camp activities stay open so kids can participate when they are able.

Read the Book watch the movie- If you are hoping to encourage your kids to open a book and read this summer then this might do the trick. Pick out a book that is also a movie and then pick a date for a movie night. To view the movie you have to read the book. (Hint: Make sure you include buttered popcorn). If you need help picking out an option check out this list.

Dive into a DIY- Find a project for your kids to do and have them follow the step by step instructions online. Pinterest and YouTube are great resources for finding fun project ideas. This allows kids to use a screen but to also create something and learn about how different things are made. You could also have your kids create their own DIY project and publish it online or email a tutorial to a family member.

Photo Hunt- Plan an outdoor photo scavenger hunt! Make a list of all planets, rocks, bugs etc. that you want your kids to find and ask them to photograph each item they find with a camera, ipod, smartphone or tablet. Afterwards you could use the photos to create a photo book together.

Looking for more ideas? Download our resource A Platform for Fun for a list of both online and offline activities to engage with your child this summer.

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Augusta Nissly

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