International Day of Happiness: How to Bring Happiness and Well-Being to your Digital Family

It may seem strange that we need an official day to remind us to be happy, but the United Nations General Assembly actually created the International Day of Happiness with the goal of promoting the happiness and well-being of all peoples.

And for digital parents and caregivers, the happiness and well-being of our families is more important than ever as screens and technology become commonplace. Mindfulness and digital literacy can help your families balance tech use, increase critical thinking skills and boost digital well-being as they navigate online.

So how can you bring happiness and well-being to your digital family?

Young children

  • Opt for balanced activities where your young children can learn, play, socialize and thrive offline (as well as online);
  • Remember that face-to-face interactions, sensory play, and other child development boosters are invaluable for babies and toddlers.


  • Prioritize digital wellbeing that allows for a balance of physical, mental, social and emotional development;
  • Research (with your tween) the apps, platforms and websites that are trending and have connected conversations frequently;
  • Install parental guidance support like Apple Screen Time or Google Family link, while speaking to your tweens about the importance of positive content.


  • Remember your own teen years with ups and downs, then add the digital world on top – empathy and understanding, followed by open and transparent conversations with your teens can do wonders. Start early, communicate often.
  • Encourage your teens to use apps that help them focus and boost productivity.
  • Check out the The Happiness Lab podcast by Yale professor Dr Laurie Santos, who has studied the science of happiness and then shares tips and strategies.

You don't need an official day to promote digital well-being for your families, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have a reminder.

Written by

Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov

Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov is the founder of Digital Parenting, a resource for parents and caregivers.  

As a lawyer, law professor and child online protection expert with more than 20 years experience, she has advised government and child protection agencies, non-profits and think tanks on public awareness campaigns, research initiatives and public policy strategies related to digital safety, parenting, and wellbeing.

She has also held several key consultancies in Europe for the Council of Europe (Children's Rights and Education divisions), Microsoft EMEA (Digital Safety), European Schoolnet (Online Safety), and e-Enfance/INSAFE (French Helpline).

She is an international speaker on digital parenting and her work has been featured in BBC, France 24, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and other media outlets focused on child online safety and digital parenting.

Currently, she is Senior Corporate Counsel at the LEGO GROUP, where she provides legal support on implementing and promoting digital child rights, safety, wellbeing and citizenship in parallel with responsible digital engagement with children.