Using Social Media to Inspire, Show Up, and Think Critically

February 18, 2022

The second month of every year is the period of observance for Black History Month. The United States, Canada, and Germany recognize the achievements of Black Americans, Black Canadians, and Black Germans. Last February, FOSI highlighted creative online resources providing activities and resources for children to learn more about Black Americans and Black History Month.

As FOSI works to make the online world safer for kids and their families as well as promoting a Culture of Responsibility online, I thought this post should focus on ‘social media’ in three ways:

1. the inspirational accounts that we can share with our children and young people which allow them to experience cultural sensitivity in a positive manner;

2. the empathetic ways that we can all show-up on social media to share content and be an ally; and

3. the critical thinking strategies that we can share with young people as they engage meaningfully on digital platforms.

Inspirational Social Media Accounts

Empathetic Ways to Show-up on Social Media
  • Share noteworthy facts and quotes
  • Comment and post in support of positive messages
  • Be on the lookout for influencers sharing Passing the Mic on their accounts
  • If you have learned something, pass it on with your community (whether on social media or IRL)

Critical Thinking While Engaging on Social Media
  • Before you share, do your research to make sure that what you plan to post is accurate
  • Understand that it’s okay to sometimes ‘not share’ in favor of engaging in more periods of (self) reflection
  • Educate yourself on how to be a good, supportive ally without inadvertently doing harm

Whether we are talking about Black History Month or the other 11 months in the calendar, social media is and can be a positive and inspirational tool for all communities – just remember to stretch your critical thinking muscles before engaging meaningfully on your favorite platform. There is so much to read, learn, and experience while online.

Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov

Host, The Digital Parenting Community, FB Group

Written by

Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov

Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov is Senior Manager, Digital Child Safety, supporting The LEGO Group as a trusted leader in implementing and promoting digital child safety, wellbeing and citizenship in parallel with responsible digital engagement with children.  As a lawyer, law professor and child online protection expert with more than 20 years experience, she has advised government and child protection agencies, non-profits and think tanks on public awareness campaigns, research initiatives and public policy strategies related to digital safety, parenting, and wellbeing. She has also held several key consultancies in Europe for the Council of Europe (Children's Rights and Education divisions), Microsoft EMEA (Digital Safety), European Schoolnet (Online Safety), and e-Enfance/INSAFE (French Helpline).