Bridget Todd

Unbossed Creative


Bridget Todd is a frequently cited expert, trainer, and speaker on combating disinformation and extremism online, advocating for social media platform accountability, creating safer digital experiences for women and other marginalized people, and celebrating and amplifying marginalized people’s contributions to tech and the internet. 

She created her critically acclaimed podcast There Are No Girls on the Internet to explore how marginalized people show up online in response to the lack of inclusion in conversations around the internet. 

There Are No Girls The Internet earned “Best Technology Podcast” at the iHeart Radio Podcast Awards and a Shorty Award for “Best Podcast Miniseries” for DISINFORMED, a miniseries exploring how misinformation, and conspiracy theories around COVID, gender, and race hurt marginalized communities. 

She’s also the host of Mozilla’s multi award winning podcast about ethics in AI called IRL: Online Life is Real Life. 

Formerly, as Director of Communication for the national gender-justice advocacy organization Ultraviolet, Bridget regularly met with leadership from platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok to advocate for and develop policy recommendations to make digital experiences safer and more inclusive. Bridget’s writing and work on technology, race, gender and culture have been featured at the Atlantic, Newsweek, the Nation, the Daily Show and several other outlets.