Bubba Gaeddert

Videogames and Esports Foundation

President Co/Founder

Bubba is a professional broadcaster, host, consultant, entrepreneur, higher education professor, content creator, and veteran event manager. His main focus is on gaming, esports, education, and technology. He has worked in radio, television, live streaming and is the founder of the Jolumi Media firm (Joe-lou-me), where he consults for multiple esports, gaming, sports, tech, and education companies. He has been a gamer and self-proclaimed NERD ever since he was a kid when his dad managed Radio Shacks in Oklahoma. Bubba has been a professor in higher education since 2013 and is a current Senior Instructor at the College of Esports in London, UK. He has worked in the non-profit and traditional sports industry for over 24 years with the YMCA, NCAA, NAIA, Parks and Recs, Sports Commissions, and the Chamber of Commerce. In 2018, he helped create the non-profit 501(c)3 charity the Videogames and Esports Foundation (VEF) as the Executive Director and now serves as the President Co/Founder.