Catherine Jensen

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Vice President of Global Consumer Experience

Catherine Jensen is the Vice President of Global Consumer Experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment, where she leads the global customer care and engagement strategy with a focus on PlayStation products and services, including the highly popular game console, PS5.

As a strong advocate for the safety and well-being of PlayStation customers, Catherine founded the global SIE Online Safety team in 2019, collaborating with organizations like the Entertainment Software Rating Board, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and other industry leaders to develop effective policies for safe and inclusive player experiences. Catherine's dedication extends to promoting wellness for players and moderators, leading to a transformative program nominated for the Great British Wellbeing Award for Workplace Wellbeing in 2023. She actively advocates for player and parental education, contributing articles and blogs to Sony Interactive Entertainment, and sponsors internal initiatives like the PlayStation Network Policy Against Hate Speech and the PlayStation Network Code of Conduct.

Catherine's collaboration with external organizations such as the Internet Commission, Internet Matters, and the Family Gaming Database has led to innovative solutions, including "Press Start for PlayStation Safety," an interactive quiz that gamifies understanding of PlayStation safety features.

With her recent appearance on FOX News on summertime online kids' safety and her widespread recognition as a leading advocate for online safety and gamer well-being, Catherine Jensen continues to create a secure and enjoyable gaming environment with her invaluable experiences and profound insights.