Christopher Wood

LGBT Technology Partnership

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Non-profit Executive and Co-founder, Business Owner, Professor, and Speaker are few ways to describe what Christopher Wood does on a daily basis, but it hardly describes the journey he had to take to get there. His journey, riddled with challenges, moments of survival and reflection, drove him from a place of complacency to a place of empowerment and action. From coming out as “gay”, to being taken hostage by the first suicide bomber in the US, Chris realized from cradle to grave, this life is short. His non-traditional path and desire to add a voice for a community he deeply loves led him to co-found the LGBT Technology Partnership & Institute. Over the past several years he and the LGBT Tech team have added a voice for the community at the intersection of technology, policy and LGBTQ communities. From here in Washington, DC to all over the country, Chris and LGBT Tech continue to advocate for the community.