Dan Fichter

The Trevor Project

Head of AI & Engineering

Dan Fichter (he/him) joined the analytics startup Moat in 2011 as an engineer and became head of product and CTO, helping lead the company to its acquisition in 2017 by Oracle and growing the engineering, product, data science, and operations teams to 200 in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Israel, India, Singapore, and Australia. Dan's teams developed privacy-friendly products to determine when digital ads come on screen and are audible and whether they are viewed by people or by bots. These products process trillions of events per year and became a transactional currency for many of the world's largest brand marketers, were embraced by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Snap, Reddit, and Pinterest, and are relied on by hundreds of media businesses for privacy-safe, revenue-sustaining evidence of the reliability of their media. Through sophisticated analytical techniques, Dan's teams uncovered and brought down global ad fraud operations including DrainerBot in 2019. Dan joined The Trevor Project as head of AI and engineering in February 2020.