DJ Saul

CMO & Managing Director, iStrategy Labs

DJ Saul is the CMO & Managing Director of ISL (recently named an AdAge 2014 Small Agency of The Year).  One of the company’s first employees, DJ is now responsible for ISL’s marketing, DC operations, partnerships and business development as well as the company’s ongoing R&D and constant experimentation.

DJ advises companies and early stage ventures on everything from digital to experiential marketing strategy, to branding and partnership development, and has been described as “an invaluable pillar of support for the region’s aspiring entrepreneurs.”  In short, he brands, markets, and creates experiences that launch companies, sell products, and connects people and organizations with what they need to succeed.

He also speaks and writes regularly on building meaningful relationships, brand strategy, emerging tech and marketing trends, and entrepreneurship. He teaches much more about marketing strategy in his courses on Brand Positioning & Product/Company Naming.