Jane Tallim

Co-Executive Director, MediaSmarts

Jane Tallim is Co-Executive Director of MediaSmarts, Canada’s centre for digital and media literacy. A former secondary teacher and internationally recognized expert in issues relating to media and youth, Jane has been involved in MediaSmarts’ ongoing research on Young Canadians in a Wired World since 2000 and has developed award-winning resources to help young people become thoughtful and engaged media consumers.

Jane is passionate about ensuring that today’s youth have the skills they need to live, learn and thrive in a digital world. A strong advocate for child and youth mental health, Jane has mentored a youth-based network for de-stigmatizing mental illness, sits on the Executive Team for PREVNet, Canada’s authority on research and resources for bullying prevention, and Chairs the board of directors for an Ottawa-based eating disorder support centre. 


Recently written by Jane


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