Jessica Groopman

Analyst, Kaleido Insights

Jessica Groopman specializes in automation technologies impact business including IoT, AI, and blockchain.

She concentrates on the application of sensors and machine learning with a focus on user experience and data integrity. Past clients range from start-ups to media agencies to large brands including Technicolor, Microsoft, Honeywell, Cisco, Qualcomm, Dell, Intel, DuPont, Pandora, and numerous vendors to develop research, content, and digital strategies.

Jessica is a frequent speaker at IoT industry events. She is also a frequent contributor to numerous blogs and /media outlets. She has been principal analyst with Tractica where she contributed to their automation and robotics practice. She has also served as contributing member of the International IoT Council, the IEEE’s Internet of Things Group, IoT Guru Network, and FC Business Intelligence’s IoT Nexus Advisory Board. Jessica was also included in Onalytica’s list of the 100 Most Influential Thought Leaders in IoT.

Jessica served as research director and principal analyst with Harbor Research and as an industry analyst with Altimeter Group. Earlier, she lead research at Focus Research and was a research analyst at Tippit Research.

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