Jim Schuler


Vice President, External and State Affairs

Jim Schuler has been with CTIA for the last 19 years. Mr. Schuler’s responsibilities include forming, coordinating and advocating wireless policy on topics of concern to CTIA membership, including critical issues involving taxation, broadband deployment, wireless verticals, and government mandates.

As Vice President of External and State Affairs, Jim has led the State Regulatory effort, Grassroots and Grasstops engagement on federal and state issues, Third Party partnerships and coalition building, Intergovernmental outreach, Accessibility Outreach and Online Safety.

As Assistant Vice-President, Jim lead CTIA’s efforts in developing and implementing strategies relating to minimizing federal, state, and local taxation of wireless services. Activities include: Developing and implementing a strategic plan to educate policymakers and consumers on the negative impact of taxes on consumers and network infrastructure; advocacy at the federal, state and local level; management of the Association’s tax efforts in coordination with CTIA membership; and integration of the industry’s grassroots efforts on state and local tax issues.