Kirra Pendergast

Safe on Social


Kirra Pendergast is the Founder and CEO of Safe on Social. She is a renowned international expert in cyber safety with over 30 years of experience. Throughout her career, she has advised governments and businesses on cyber security, IT Business consulting and cyber safety. She has worked at the forefront of technology since 1991. Kirra's personal experience of enduring relentless online bullying and abuse at the age of 43 years by someone she trusted led her to establish the Safe on Social Group in 2014. Today, the private company is the leading provider of cyber safety education, training, and consulting services in the sector working with more than 800 schools and businesses across the globe.

As the Founder and CEO of Safe on Social Group, Kirra is a sought-after public speaker and media commentator. She passionately shares her knowledge, lived experience and insights at events and conferences of all sizes from sporting clubs, schools, professional learning sessions, parent seminars, legal events, government and business events, conferences, and staff well-being sessions.

Kirra's commitment to making a difference is evident in her ground-breaking initiative in 2020 of appointing a first of its kind youth advisory committee, consisting of young individuals aged 11 to 19, to give young people a voice on how they want to be educated on safe use of social media and online safety.