Laura Lázaro Cabrera

Center for Democracy and Technology

Counsel and Director of the Equity and Data Programme

Laura Lazaro Cabrera is Counsel and Director of the Equity and Data Programme at the Centre for Democracy and Technology Europe Office, where she leads the work promoting the effective protection of fundamental human rights in the implementation of European Union legislation regulating new technologies. Her work focusses on identifying the adverse impacts of artificial intelligence on human rights and the regulatory or policy gaps that enable them, while working closely with affected individuals or communities to map effective solutions. Laura has informed global stakeholders'  approach to technology and data, notably contributing to the development of a position paper by ESCR-Net on Data for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the development of online modules on the ethics and governance of AI for health authored by the WHO.

Laura comes to CDT with a robust background in privacy and data protection. Having worked as a senior legal officer at a leading international NGO, she has extensively engaged with governments, regulators and courts worldwide to challenge laws and practices in the context of unlawful surveillance.