Laylah Bulman


Senior Business Program Manager, Minecraft: Education Edition

Laylah Bulman is a passionate advocate for immersive, inclusive game-based learning for all students. As senior business program manager for Minecraft: Education Edition, she leads strategy and content for computer science, cybersecurity and esports, producing leading learning experiences for students around the world, such as Minecraft’s Hour of Code. Laylah spearheaded the creation of Minecraft Esports and Microsoft Esports Teacher Academy, building community of thousands of credentialled esports educators across the globe. Prior to joining Microsoft, Laylah was enterprise director for LEGO Education and helped lead the North America Scholastic Esports Federation, where she was responsible for international expansion through partnerships with the US Department of State and global Minecraft-based challenges. Laylah hails from Miami, USA, where she was a STEM educator and school administrator for 16 years. As a parent and teacher of children with ASD, she promotes STEM+CS through a lens of equity and inclusion. She is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and graduate of the University of Virginia.