Matt Soeth

All Tech Is Human

Head of Trust and Safety & Global Affairs

Matthew Soeth is Head of Trust and Safety and Global Affairs. Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to All Tech Is Human. With over 10 years of experience working in online safety, Matt has worked on the ground in schools, at platforms, and at nonprofits advising and developing policy, tooling, and safety resources for global audiences. In addition, Matt is a respected leader in the field of Trust & Safety who has helped build a more cohesive field and helped open up pathways for new voices to enter the fray.

Matt spent the past two years as Head of Trust and Safety at Spectrum Labs supporting gaming, dating and social platforms with their policy, tooling, workflows, and outreach. Matt also served as head of community for the #TSCollective where he helped to grow a community of online trust and safety professionals across the globe. Matt was also an active part of Atlantic Council’s recent Task Force for a Trustworthy Future Web, speaking at their Washington, DC launch event for its related report, Scaling Trust on the Web.