Nicodemus Madehdou

JumpButton Studio

CEO and Co-Founder

Nicodemus Madehdou is the CEO and Co-Founder of JumpButton Studio, a games and animation company focused on balancing out the inequity in the Gaming industry while showcasing the massive revenue opportunity for inclusive gaming companies. JumpButton’s goal is simple; to create and nurture a diverse workforce that allows its employees to create the original games and stories they wish to see in the world. Having grown the business from scratch with his Co-Founders, Nicodemus has been recognized in press outlets such as, The Root, CNN and more as a leader in his industry and a force to watch. Throughout his tenure in the industry, he has worked with partners such as Niantic, Paramount, Rovio, BET and more.

JumpButton Studio already boasts better diversity than that of the industry it exists in with a number of original titles set to launch in the near future. Nicodemus is building the next industry giant that will have inclusivity at its foundation and the games and careers available will be and feel even more accessible than ever before.