Pratishtha Arora

Social Media Matters


Pratishtha Arora is a well-known champion in India for female equality and the protection of children while they are online, in addition to her roles as CEO and co-founder of Social Media Matters. She comes from a diverse academic background and is regarded as an authority on the subject of gender studies.

She has acquired a skill set that enables her to construct frameworks and classes that are customized to the particular requirements of a broad variety of communities, and she also has experience in administering sensitization training. Together, these two aspects of her background have allowed her to develop this ability.

Pratishtha has also led national initiatives on subjects such as online safety and cybercrime, which demonstrates her commitment to cultivating a digital environment that is both safer and more welcoming to people of all different kinds of backgrounds. In the course of her career, she has led more than 100 training meetings with various law enforcement personnel as well as more than 500 workshops all across India. This comprises law enforcement personnel from the National Police Academy, the Karnataka Police Academy, the Delhi Police Department, the Lucknow Police Department, the NOIDA Police Department, and other police divisions. Additionally, she has advocated for women's help centres and cyber crime cells within the Delhi police department, in addition to compiling a catalogue of cyber crime cells located throughout India.

As part of her professional background, she has also compiled and developed workshop documents for use by law enforcement officials in the delivery of training sessions. Additionally, she advocated for Indian interests while serving as a committee member for a major technology company.

Pratishtha Arora's substantial experience in gender studies, along with her dedication to nurturing a digital environment that is both safer and more accepting to people of all backgrounds, positions her as a valuable asset in the development industry. In general, this is the case because Pratishtha Arora is dedicated to fostering a digital environment that is both safer and more welcoming to people of all backgrounds. This is particularly true in the areas of preventing crimes committed online, maintaining one's digital health, and ensuring online safety.

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