Rolonda Donelson

McKinley Technology High School

Rolonda Donelson is currently a rising senior at McKinley Technology High School. She currently is enrolled in the I.T Computer Science track at her STEM high school. She has learned the Python computer language and is looking to further her knowledge in JavaScript and HTML.  She has taken a Cybersecurity course at her school and has earned her CompTIA Security+ certification. She plans to have a joint major known as Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 

When Rolonda is not working on her academic studies she is involved in a multitude of extracurricular activities mainly focusing on international affairs and politics. She is involved with her schools Model United Nations team including a conference in Tianjin, China. Along with Model UN she is a part of her schools YMCA DC Youth and Government team and one of the 8 students from her school asked to participate in The Aspen Challenge. In Youth and Government youth are asked to write bills regarding current DC issues. For the 3 years she attended she has always written a bill about education.  With the Aspen Challenge scholars were given problems in their community to solve over a 6 week time period. Her school chose to host an Embassy Day I order to connect youth from DC with cultures from around the world.  You can also find her on the field playing girls’ soccer for her school or cooking a delish dish in her kitchen.

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