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Roos Middelkoop

Summer Intern, Family Online Safety Institute

Roos is a graduate student from the Netherlands who holds a First Class B.A. (Hons) in Anthropology, Psychology and a minor in Statistics (University College Roosevelt, the Netherlands). Currently, she is wrapping up her M.Sc. in Research Psychology (KU Leuven, Belgium). She has worked on research projects both in the Netherlands and with other institutions (Stellenbosch University, South-Africa, Cambridge University, United Kingdom), also investigating the role of technology on society and psychological well-being. Besides doing research, she has experience in teaching, organizing events and PR. Roos will be spending the summer in Washington D.C. and is enrolled in the Fund for American Studies’ Economics and Public Policy program.

Recently written by Roos


What Seniors Need to Know about Online Scams

A phishing scam is often presented as an email or text message that looks like it’s from a trusted company, but is sent by criminals, and designed to steal sensitive personal information or money. They take your personal details by making you click a certain link or open an attachment.


Using Technology to Empower Seniors

When seniors start using new technologies, it can lead to hilarious situations. I read this story the other day about a grandmother who was Skyping with her grandson Evan. At some point, her screen went black. Those who are tech-savvy know that laptops can go into sleep-mode after x-minutes of inactivity. Granny, however, didn’t and panicked: “Help! My screen is dying, what do I do Evan?” Evan, still being connected via Skype, replied: “No worries grandmother, just shake the m...”, at which point he seemed to be witnessing an earthquake of immense magnitude at the other side of the screen. Granny did get her screen back eventually. But instead of softly shaking the mouse (like one does when the laptop goes into sleep-mode), she had been shaking the entire laptop vigorously for almost an entire minute - frantic to get her grandson back on screen.