Tom Le

Mattel Inc.


Tom Le has been leading data security and privacy innovation for 30 years. As an early partitioner in artificial intelligence, Tom pioneered new detection methods by modeling human behavior using digital signal processing and deep learning. Tom was the Executive Director of Cyber at GE Digital, leading engineering teams defending high-value targets and critical infrastructure. Tom was also the CTO for Cognizant’s security practice and led the security portfolio at BT Global Services as the security CTO.

A technologist and engineer at heart, Tom is proud of his anomaly detection contributions, which played vital roles in cyber protection for the George W. Bush White House, London 2012 Olympics, and several entities within the US DOJ.

Tom is currently the CISO at Mattel, using his experience to protect people, data, intellectual property, and connected toys. Tom has a unique toy collection and loves competitive fun, including being previously ranked #1 in the world in the Esports league for Command & Conquer. Tom studied cognitive science at UC Berkeley, where he developed AI models to perform complex time-series predictions. Tom has authored several patents on cyber threat analysis, data anonymization, and anomaly detection.