Making Sense of Age Assurance: Enabling Safer Online Experiences

November 14, 2022

Age assurance has been a key challenge for online platforms and services for many years. While it is agreed that keeping children in age-appropriate spaces is a fundamental part of their safety, assessing age and implementing solutions is still an area that parents, companies, and governments are working to address. This report examines the awareness, attitudes, and behaviors of both parents and children regarding age assurance – a process that encompasses the methods and solutions used to verify or estimate a user's age on online services and apps. Qualitative and quantitative surveys were conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, and France in a cross-market approach that points to interesting cultural similarities and differences in how parents view technology and approach managing their children’s online activity.

The study was conducted by Kantar and made possible by the support of Google.

View presentation slides of the findings by Kantar.

Read the press release, executive summary, and full report.

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