Tools for Today's Digital Parents

November 18, 2020

Online safety tools exist to ensure children have safe and secure digital experiences. These tools, often referred to as parental controls, serve to assist parents - but are they really being used? And if so, how helpful are they to parents? Our connected world is changing faster than ever, re-shaped by new devices and platforms – what is often dubbed disruptive technology. This goes well beyond the media industry, impacting our daily lives in personal, professional and social spheres. This year, more than ever, we’ve seen the effects of technology on our families.

The emergence of COVID-19 brought about the need for many parents to adapt their approach to digital parenting. In many instances, this meant parents allowing more flexibility and the expansion of their kids’ engagement with technology, particularly in light of distance learning. While this context played out in real time, FOSI set out to understand the greater depth the role that parental controls and online safety tools play in ensuring that kids have a safe, positive digital environment.

This study was conducted by the media research firm Magid on behalf of FOSI, and made possible in partnership with Verizon.

Read the Executive Summary, Full Report, press release, and view the slides.

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