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Good Digital Parenting


Questions to Ask Before Buying a Connected Toy

By Augusta Nissly | Nov. 25, 2015

What do parents need to know and understand about these connected toys, smartphones, watches, tablets, etc before purchasing them? Use this list of questions as a guide when shopping for connected toys to ensure you feel confident in your purchases. 

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6 Steps To Complete Before and After a Device Purchase

By Joe Yeager | Nov. 24, 2015

To get the most out of the gift, here are some tips for you and your family, both before and after you make the purchase.

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Policy & Research


Parents, Privacy & Technology Use

FOSI released its latest research report, “Parents, Privacy and Technology Use” on November 17, 2015. This research was conducted by Hart Research Associates and included an online survey of 589 parents of kids ages 6 to 17, as well as 3 focus groups in suburban Philadelphia. The project explored how parents view the role that technology plays in their kids' lives, how they manage their kids' online activity, and how parents model good technology use. This report was made possible by a grant from the Digital Trust Foundation. 

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Violent Extremism: The New Online Safety Discussion

For the last 18 months there have been hundreds of news stories, dozens of politicians’ speeches, and numerous policy announcements focused on combating the threat of online radicalization of youth and violent extremism. Once a niche area tackled by the intelligence community, this has become a topic of daily conversation in business meetings and around the dinner table. The challenges posed by ISIS, far-right extremists and others require responses from law enforcement, industry, policymakers, and parents.

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The Realities of Cyber Parenting: What Pre-teens and Teens Are Up To Online

FOSI partnered with Intel Security on their latest research entitled "The Realities of Cyber Parenting: What Pre-teens and Teens Are Up To Online”. The global study examined the online behaviors and social networking habits of pre-teens and teens aged between 8 and 16 years old, as well as looking at the concerns of parents.