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Working to make the online world safer for kids and their families through enlightened public policy, industry best practice and good digital parenting.

Good Digital Parenting


Be Your Best Self Online

By Denise Lisi DeRosa | April 1, 2015

FOSI Program Manager Denise Lisi DeRosa discusses cyber ethics, and what we can do to encourage civil behavior online. 

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Cyber Ethics

April 1, 2015

This month FOSI's Good Digital Parenting tackles the broad topic of cyber ethics and how we can encourage people to behave online as they do in the real world. 

Digital Citizenship #Social Media #Cyberbullying #Tweens #Teens #Digital Citizenship

Policy & Research


#WePROTECT: Global Online Child Sexual Abuse Summit

There are few crimes more heinous than the sexual abuse of children. While the offense certainly did not originate with the Internet, the development of the technology has allowed perpetrators to share details of their abuse with thousands of people around the world. This distribution results in the intensified and continual suffering of many victims.   



FOSI 2014 Year in Review Video

A lot can happen in a year, especially in the digital world. In this 2014 online safety review, FOSI summarizes the changes in US policy, surrounding issues such as sexting and student data privacy, and policy changes happening in Europe and Australia. Also find out what FOSI has been up to in terms of research, events, tips and tools for parents, and plans and goals for 2015.

Digital Citizenship


What's Trending Online 2014 Video

Have you ever thought about how many people all over the world are connected online? Or how much Internet access has expanded around the globe? This video was presented at the Family Online Safety Institute Annual Conference in November, 2014 where over 90 speakers and 500 attendees gathered to explore the changing world of online safety.