Resource Guide

Family Online Safety Agreements

To use the Internet safely and responsibly, it is important for kids and their parents to agree on the ways that personal devices and technology will be used at home and on the go.

FOSI is sharing two customizable resources for parents representing two age groups: kids under 13 and teenagers. Because so many families have children who are at different developmental stages, it is best to have rules that are age-appropriate for your individual child.

Download and view the tool that best represents your family and begin a conversation around tech in your home.

Children under the age of 13 can enjoy the benefits of the online world with strategic guidance from their parents or caregivers. This customizable resource brings parents and children together for a collaborative conversation about household tech rules.

Teenagers can have a positive relationship with their personal devices and technology, and thrive online in responsible and safe ways. With this customizable resource, parents and their teens can come together for a collaborative conversation regarding the best rules that fit their household.