Resource Guide

Safer Gaming Guide

Learn how to make online gaming safer for your child.
Learn how to turn on parental controls on your child's Xbox 360 console, and how to setup safety and privacy settings.
This guide is designed to help gamers be safe and comfortable while using their Xbox to play video games.
Use the ESRB's free mobile app to look up a game or app's rating information and decide if it is age and content appropriate for your child. You can search by title, platform, rating or content.
This is great place to start when talking to your kids about the games they play. Download and use the ESRB Family Discussion Guide and get started now.
Does your child have a video game system that can access the Internet? This website has information for how to set parental controls on a number of different systems.
EC, AO, RP are all rating symbols for games, but do you know what these symbols stand for? This website offers ESRB rating summaries which can help you understand which games to purchase for your kids.
Your child's digital universe includes numerous components - from online privacy to digital reputation, and more. Check out this resource by Insafe to learn what issues your child is facing online.
This guide was created to empower parents with the knowledge they need to help their children practice safety and responsibility when using gaming devices.

Use this tool to search for healthy and educational video games for your children. Filter results by system, age rating, accessibility requirements, number of players and theme.