Resource Guide

Safer Gaming Guide

Learn how to make online gaming safer for your child.
Learn how to turn on parental controls on your child's Xbox 360 console, and how to setup safety and privacy settings.

Use this page to check out how to keep your family safe while playing Xbox, including screen time settings, content rating filters, and family group settings.

This user-friendly guide from ESRB provides key information to manage your kids’ video game experiences and keep peace of mind.

Does your child have a video game system that can access the Internet? This website has information for how to set parental controls on a number of different systems.

E, T, and M are all ESRB-assigned rating icons for video games, but do you know what these symbols stand for? Find out more information on ESRB ratings, which can help you understand which games to purchase for your kids.

Learn tips, conversation starters, and the issues and risks surrounding online gaming with this comprehensive help and advice page.

Find out about PlayStation’s ground rules, age ratings, content moderation and more on PlayStation’s Safety Center.

Learn about how to switch parental controls on and off, as well as how Nintendo works with players and players’ parents to create an inclusive and safe online gaming environment.

Learn about ProtectMe - an interface that parents can access through the Aura app to keep their children safe from cyberbullying in online games.