Hosting a Virtual “How to Be a Good Digital Parent” Night

August 28, 2020

With school being partially (or fully) online, and many kids experiencing the most screen time they have ever had, parents may need some extra help managing their family’s relationship to technology.

Activities like an annual Back to School Night often set the tone for how the school year will go. It explains what policies the teacher and school administration have, allows parents to meet the other families in the class, and is an opportunity to set academic expectations between kids and their parents. It is a night to look forward to.

This year, the event details might be vastly different, but that doesn’t mean your child’s academic community can’t gather effectively to share pertinent information. Holding an online presentation night using video conferencing is one option. Regardless of whether you host a large group at once, or separately by grade, now is a critical time to help provide new tips and pieces of advice for families adapting to this unusual back-to-school season. In addition to schools, parents can encourage their local PTA groups, Boys and Girls Clubs, and other local administrators to circulate information or host their own online safety presentation.

Putting together a Back to School Night about online safety is simple with the pre-made How to Be a Good Digital Parent toolkit from FOSI. It uses the 7 Steps to Good Digital Parenting to guide the conversation and parents will gain an understanding of how to mitigate the risks and reap the rewards of children being online. The comprehensive toolkit includes a presenter’s guide, accompanying PowerPoint presentation to screen share, and all downloadable, digital handouts.

Learn more about the program and download the toolkit HERE.

We’re committed to supporting parents right from the start, rather than later when devices, apps, required screen time, and the challenges of distance learning in our new normal feel overwhelming. For feedback or further guidance on the use of the How To Be a Good Digital Parent program, we encourage people to reach out directly at

Written by

Erin McCowey

Erin McCowey is the Program Coordinator for the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) where she curates the Good Digital Parenting (GDP) program, supporting parents and educators as they navigate the digital world with their children and students. Erin coordinates resources and external contributions to GDP; publishing blogs, parenting resources, and parenting tools. In her work with GDP, she aims to boost the work of other experts in this space so that parents, educators, and other stakeholders are able to benefit from an overall greater digital experience. Erin contributes to FOSI’s events and communications practice, and regularly consults with member organizations on their parenting related resources.

Erin studied Political Science and International Studies at the University of Michigan, graduating in 2017. She joined FOSI as the Program Assistant in 2018 after previously serving as a Program Intern in the summer of 2016.