What exactly is Good Digital Parenting?

December 1, 2015

Have you ever wondered how to talk to your kids about proper tech use? Or how to turn off a device’s location services? Or what even IS Snapchat? Fear not worried parent or guardian! With FOSI’s Good Digital Parenting, we have you covered. With all the different apps, games, and devices out there today, we know that raising a child is different--and sometimes harder--than when your parents did it. That is why GDP is here to offer tips, tools and advice to help you confidently navigate the online world with your kids.

Using the “Type” filter on the left-hand side of the GDP site is the best way to explore the wealth of resources that we provide. We have blog posts from every kind of expert ranging from academic to government to parenting to industry to the kids and teens that are using the technology. Blog posts allow parents to hear first-hand thoughts and advice from the most influential and important players in these issues.

Under “Tools” you’ll find succinct tips and information made for quick knowledge. Some of our most popular tools are the App Tip Sheets. From Ask.fm to Vine, we have a sheet for just about any app you can think of! Each one explains what the app does, why it is used, 3 facts parents need to know about it and links to learn more. Another popular tool is the Seven Steps to Good Digital Parenting. If you’re just not sure where to start when being involved in your kids’ tech lives, the Seven Steps lay the groundwork for you.

We have recently launched a new series of videos showing users step-by-step how to use the privacy and parental control settings on their devices. The small step of activating Google Safesearch or setting restrictions on your iPhone or iPad can often make a big difference in how your kids interact with their devices and your own comfort level with it.

Finally, resources. Here you’ll find carefully crafted guides to help you learn more about important topics like tech education and your digital reputation. There are also guides for platforms and resources that we recommend for parents and their children, such as platforms for safe communication and resources for homework help.

And if you are looking for information specifically by a certain age range or category like safety or social media, you can sort our content that way as well using our other filters.

So, welcome to Good Digital Parenting! Take a look around. If you like what we’re doing, would like to see more of it and have a spare dollar (or pound, or yen) or two, consider donating to us! We want to give parents and guardians the tools to make their children good digital citizens and we hope you do, too.

Written by

Hannah Katzen

Hannah Katzen is a media/information literacy enthusiast and is currently pursuing her Masters in Education for Instructional Design at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She loves exploring connections between education and technology through instructional design, ed tech, and media literacy.