Janice Taylor


CEO and Founder
Janice Taylor is a social entrepreneur, mother, inspirational speaker, author, and online safety advocate.

She is the CEO and Founder of Mazu. Janice’s journey of innovation has taken her from Oprah Winfrey Show to Silicon Valley to working with some of the largest sports brands in the world. With a background in Psychology, Janice has spent the last 9 years researching the impact of digital on the social and emotional development of children. Mazu is the innovative content and messaging platform for families that was developed from this research to protect children online and teach values in social media. As an author, advocate, mother and entrepreneur Janice and her team at Mazu have created a unique solution that believes that social media can be a useful tool that can enhance our lives rather than polarize our lives. Together we can build a healthy digital village for families to thrive.