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Teen Driver Guide

Learn more about distracted driving and how teen drivers can keep their eyes off their phones and on the road.

iPhone users can turn on Driving Focus in their phone’s settings. This setting can detect when you’re driving and can silence some or all notifications. It can also have Siri read notifications out loud so drivers don’t have to look at their phones while on the road.

Hear from people directly impacted by distracted driving, get some pointers on how to drive without distractions, learn how to talk about the dangers of distracted driving with friends, and pledge to not be a distracted driver.

Looking for safe driving resources that hit close to home? Impact Teen Drivers filters resources by state and educates teens about the risks of distracted driving.

Project Yellow Light is a competition for both high school and college students with one goal –design a PSA to promote safe driving among teens and young adults. Winners of the competition win a scholarship, and inspire their peers to create safe driving habits.

Get insights into your kids’ driving behaviors, including their speed, location, and crash detection.