Resource Guide

Mobile Safety Guide

Learn about mobile safety for you and your child.
AT&T DriveMode® is a free app that silences incoming text message alerts so you can avoid distractions and stay focused while driving.
Information about texting while driving and resources to create your own campaign to end texting behind the wheel.
This resource has great information about mobile phone settings and fantastic tips for how to set mobile phone rules in your family.
Want to see your parent's rules for your mobile device on paper? No problem! Lookout Mobile Security has a smartphone safety contract template for you and your parents.
These etiquette tips from Telstra will help you mind your manners on your mobile.
Advice and tools for parents from Vodafone on how to keep your kids safer while using their mobile phone.
Review these mobile safety pointers and then go over them with your child. You can even break each of these tips up into their own conversation!
Confused about Smartphones? The Online Mom and Lookout Mobile Security team up to create a smartphone guide for parents of teens.
Before you buy your teen or tween a smartphone, it's a good idea to cover the safety and responsibility issues they will face. Here are seven steps to help parents get ready when purchasing their child a mobile phone.
Check out these discussion points for talking with your kids about how they use their smartphones.
Smartphones can be used to do many things. Read what ConnectSafely recommends when it comes to navigating the digital world from your handheld devices.