Easing Out of Lockdown: Digital Parenting Strategies and Support for the Summer

June 17, 2021

Across the United States, families are easing out of lockdown and looking forward to a return to normal.  We may not know exactly what the new normal will look like, but as parents and caregivers, we can take certain steps to ensure that our families get the best out of their summer months.

Fortunately, June is Internet Safety Month and what a great way to start a summer of online safety.  I have curated some of the best resources to help your family as you help your children exchange screens for sunscreen.

Digital Wellbeing

  • Review the 7 Steps to Good Digital Parenting resource for a quick reminder of skills that you can share with your family.
  • Remember to ask your children how they feel when they use technology, when they play video games, and when they use social media.  Help cultivate digital mindfulness about any discomfort whether it is physical (headaches, eye strain) or emotional (anxiety, feeling left out). Be sure to look for positives too.

Digital Responsibility

Digital Entertainment

  • When you do choose screens over outdoor activities, opt for quality screen time. Choose programming, games and platforms that will help your children thrive through social interaction and playful learning.
  • Co-viewing wins hand down as a way to encourage critical thinking, to boost empathy and even foster discussion when children are exposed to inappropriate content.

As you head into summer, remember that self-care is extremely important. Our families have triumphed over some incredible times and all parents and caregivers need to give themselves a pat on the back. However you decide to spend the next summer months, know that you have what it takes to support your children online and off.  And if you are looking for any specific support or digital parenting resources, do let us know.

Wishing you plenty of sunshine, shared times and smiles for your families.

Written by

Elizabeth Milovidov

Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov is a lawyer from California, a law professor in Paris, France and a Digital Safety Consultant in Europe. Using her European/American focus on Internet, technology and social media issues, she researches solutions to empower parents to guide their children in the digital age.  As Project Consultant, she will bring her experience in digital parenting, wellbeing and safety to FOSI's Good Digital Parenting.

She is the founder of DigitalParentingCoach.com, a website and community with resources and strategies for parents. Currently, she also provides support as an independent consultant for the Council of Europe (Children’s Rights and Education departments), Microsoft (Digital Safety) and e-Enfance (Child online protection). She is an international speaker on digital parenting and safety and her work has been featured in BBC, France 24, WSJ, Internet Matters and other media outlets and organizations focused on child online safety and digital parenting.