How To Be A Good Digital Parent Toolkit

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What is the “How To Be A Good Digital Parent” Toolkit?

Today our children have an incredible opportunity to learn, create and communicate through the use of technology. It is important that parents are confident in their understanding of digital devices, apps, games, and their ability to help guide their children at every age to ensure a positive experience online.
We have recognized this need and created the “How to Be a Good Digital Parent” toolkit. The program is designed to teach parents and other caregivers to confidently navigate the web with their kids. The program consists of a comprehensive toolkit that you can use to host an event at your school or community space.
We also know there is no "one size fits all" approach to good digital parenting, especially when it comes to kids of different ages, which is why we now offer one kit focused on elementary kids (aged 6-11), and one focused on teens (aged 12+)!

Workshop Benefits



Parents will gain a strong understanding of the risks, harms and rewards that come with their child being online. The program will identify the risks and address ways to mitigate the harms so that parents and children can reap the rewards of digital technology.



Parents will learn the 7 Steps to Good Digital Parenting and leave the presentation with an effective strategy for managing their child’s online life. They will also receive handouts, a family online safety agreement and knowledge of where they can go to find additional resources.



After the presentation, parents will walk away with greater confidence in their ability to manage the digital lives of their kids. They will have learned ways to increase the safety, decrease the fear, while reaping the rewards of our digital lives.

#GoodDigitalParenting Video Series

In this series, viewers will be shown how to start a conversation with their kids about online safety and how to be a good digital role model themselves.

Good Digital Parenting Episode 1

Good Digital Parenting Episode 2

Good Digital Parenting Episode 3

Good Digital Parenting Episode 4

Good Digital Parenting Resources

The Family Online Safety Institute's Good Digital Parenting resources provide parents and caregivers with the tools they need to confidently navigate the online world with their families.  View and download our newest materials below.

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