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Back to School Digital Reputation Checklist

Ever wonder what your online image says about you? Do you constantly “check in” on social media, take daily selfies, or post the latest images of your kids? In an era of seemingly non-stop online sharing of our thoughts, images, and experiences, it’s important to understand the lasting impact our digital actions have on us and those around us. 

US households have an average of 5.7 devices for personal and professional use, according to a recent Microsoft study. As this interconnectivity continues to grow, it’s not surprising that people and organizations, including employers or college recruiters for example, turn to social networking sites as a way to help assess potential candidates. Our same research, however, found that only a small percentage of global respondents take key steps to help manage their online reputations:

  • 19 percent edited or deleted information to protect their online reputation; 
  • 15 percent used search engines to monitor and manage their personal information online; and 
  • 10 percent used a service to edit or delete information about themselves online 
This tells me that as connected as we might be, we may not be doing all we can to manage our online personas. So, before kids, and even parents, educators, counselors, and coaches, head back to school, Microsoft wants each of us to make a personal commitment to #Do1Thing to set yourself up for digital success this school year. Visit Microsoft.com/SaferOnline to share your story and learn more about managing your digital life. On the interactive website, you can also:

  • Take our social personality quiz: Which social media cliché are you? Find out if you’re #HashtagHyper, a Click-Collector, or a One-Upper. Do you know someone who fits each profile? I bet you do. 
  • Share your results through social media for the chance to win a MS Nokia Lumia 2520 Red 10.1 Tablet with Windows RT 8.1(Verizon) in our #Do1ThingSweeps sweepstakes
  • Watch our catchy video: It’s your social personality! Share this light-hearted piece with your social circles and help friends and family understand the potential impact of their online behavior. 
  • Finally, review each of our online reputation tips and enjoy the dog days of summer knowing you’ve completed your back-to-school checklist. 

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This blog post originally appeared on Microsoft Security Tips & Talk. Read the original post here.