Back-to-School with Good Digital Parenting

It is back-to-school time again! Your children will be heading back to the classroom soon (if they haven't already). Over the next school year they will grow their skill set including their use of technology. They will use new programs, try out new apps and socialize with their friends via online communication channels. Our children have an incredible opportunity to learn, create and communicate through the use of technology. It is important that parents are confident in their understanding of digital devices, apps, games, and their ability to help guide their children at every age to ensure a positive experience online.

We have recognized this need and created the “How to Be a Good Digital Parent” program. The program is designed to teach parents and other caregivers to confidently navigate the web with their kids. The program consists of a comprehensive toolkit that you can use to host an event at your school or within your community. The program is 100 percent free, and it is easy to sign up.

In addition we have pulled together some of our best back-to-school resources, tools and blogs! One of our favorites is the Homework Help Guide! Browse through our resources via the side bar on the left. We will continue to add new items to the special throughout August and September.

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FOSI Launches Program to Help Parents Keep Up with Kids Digital Lives