Using Technology as a Senior

When we think of high technology usage, our minds think of children and teenagers who are using their devices most often. But in reality, people of all ages go online and use technology on a pretty consistent basis. In 2018, FOSI published a research report on older Americans over the age of 62 and found that 80% of seniors go online and use the Internet either daily, monthly or sporadically. So this month, FOSI’s Good Digital Parenting project is focusing on the benefits of technology use for seniors and addressing the concerns that they may have.

In this series, we will focus on some of the top concerns and benefits to connected seniors, such as cybersecurity, opportunities to connect with loved ones, and information on how to find credible online news sources.

We will post new articles throughout the month to provide useful information and stepping stones for a discussion about technology with friends and family.

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Using Technology to Empower Seniors