Together for a Better Internet: Safer Internet Day 2021

Safer Internet Day is a unique occasion for the online safety community where worldwide partners in over 170 countries join forces to raise awareness and celebrate progress on issues like digital citizenship, media literacy, and the promotion of safe and healthy tech use. As always, we are thrilled to pitch in and advocate for the best ways to ensure the positive use of tech - for the younger users to older users, and everyone in between.

Stakeholders in many areas of industry, government, academia and the nonprofit sector will be sharing their resources under the hashtag #SID2021 to encourage this collective effort to empower everyone to use technology responsibly, respectfully, and creatively.

In this highlight, hear from our CEO Stephen Balkam on reflections from 2020 and an outlook for the upcoming year. Browse some of our top blogs and key resources for families - the tools we think are best suited to helping parents create trust and set a good example online.

We're looking forward to celebrating and sharing the achievements of our partners and member companies. Only with a strong support system can we achieve the goal of working "together for a better Internet!"

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Towards a Better Internet and a New Normal