Back-To-School, Back-To-Safety

It’s August and your child may have already received their homeroom assignment and a list of suggested school supplies. It’s time to go back to school! Students across the country are starting to think about setting early morning alarms, doing homework, and joining a new club or sport - all things that will help create a well-balanced school experience. But what about preparing your family for a different kind of school essential - tech in the classroom? 

Back to school is an excellent time to revisit past conversations about online safety and digital wellness with your kids because each school year provides space to learn from the past, create healthy intentions for the future, and get aligned on your family’s tech expectations going into this busy time of year. 

FOSI’s Good Digital Parenting has compiled resources and advice for parents looking for support during this busy time of year. Browse through the blogs and resources specifically chosen from experts in online safety, whether you’re looking for advice on student data privacy, teaching kids how to maintain a good digital reputation, or fostering their wellbeing with a balanced and thoughtful approach to spending time online.

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