June is Internet Safety Month!

Each June, the greater online safety community commemorates Internet Safety Month by sharing tips for parents, teachers, and kids on how to stay safe and have fun online. Summer plans are underway, and kids are headed out of the classroom and into the world with more free time to spend online. It’s a great reflection point to take stock of what’s working with your current digital habits, or refresh new ones! 

Our contribution to this year’s Internet Safety Month effort is to debut some of our new media literacy resources, which aim to teach kids how to be savvy consumers of online content. These skills impact young people’s online life everywhere from social media to school projects, and it’s a big part of being a good digital citizen. 

Follow along this month for more resources, and learn about summertime social media tips, how online representation and digital spaces impact LGBTQ youth, and hear from a youth author and anti-bullying advocate on how we can all make the online world a better place. 

Happy #InternetSafetyMonth!

Tool Sheet